Presenting, the ultimate All-In-One ERP system for your institution.

Fahnage School ERP has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently.

Fahnage School ERP System provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution. The various modules available in Fahnage facilitate all the processes of your institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies. Fahnage School ERP has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Gradebooks, Campus News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events and many more. It has a fully-fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll and employee pay slips. The Finance module helps you to plan and allot different fee structures to students. Fahnage School ERP System is is also an excellent collaboration tool using its Task, Discussion, Poll, Blog and Video conference plugins. There is an internal messaging system within Fahnage but you can also integrate it with external communication tools like email and texting.

Features & Highlights.

What are the main features and Highlights that give fahnage an edge over other ERP system's?

Important Modules

Fahnage consists of Four Main modules, they are:

Finance Module is one of the most Powerful modules in Fahnage.
Secure, comprehensive, and robust—the Finance module provides a fast and efficient way to register financial transactions, automate transactions, and generate financial reports that will help you gain financial insight on managing costs and expenditures.

The Main Features of this module are :

  • Create Fee categories
  • Create discounts based on RTE rules
  • Comprehensive Fee classification system
  • Separate fee collection date designing system for faster finance process
  • Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available
  • Easy fee submission process
  • Fee import facility for faster system use
  • Manage and Pay instant fees
  • Manage entire expenses and incomes
  • Customise and manage different category of expenses and incomes
  • Adjust settings for printing fee receipts
  • Financial Report generation facility with customizable date range
  • Online payment facility
  • Payslip approval system
  • Manage Assets and Liabilities
  • Manage Donations
  • Impose Fines

Manage various Academic processes digitally using the academic module.

Some of the sub modules are :

Efficiently manage the complete student admission process using customized admission forms and help welcome applicants that are the best fit for your institution.

The main Highlights of this module are :

  • Increase your reach with our online applicant registration.
  • Automated Unique ID for all students
  • Comprehensive admission form
  • Multiple guardian addition facility
  • Emergency contact facility available
  • Previous education details can be recorded
  • Customisable as per school standards
  • Photo upload facility
  • Provide Biometric ID of the students
  • Manage student records. Attach any type of document and data related to student.

Efficently Create and manage multiple courses and add different batches to each course.

The main Highlights of this module are :

  • Create unlimited courses assign ulimited batches to these courses
  • Efficently manage student numbers by assigning students to different batches under their course.
  • Group different batches
  • Import previous batch subjects
  • Assign tutors to each batch
  • Assign timetables to each batch
  • Generate various reports

Examination module allows you to efficently manage examinations, from supporting grading systems such as ICSE, CCE, CWA, and GPA to generating various student examinations reports, schedule and managing examinations effortlessly.

  • Create different types of exams based on grades, marks
  • Group exams if required
  • Online exams services with automatic marks calculation ­- Objective and descriptive exam types
  • Extensive report center
  • Generate report for required exams
  • Automated, quick and on demand report generation
  • Statistical and chart reports, a better analytical view
  • GPA, CCE, ICSE, Normal and CWA Evaluation methods
  • Setting up required formula for calculation in CCE,GPA and ICSE exams
  • ASL(Assessment for speaking and Learning) and 6th subject in CCE
  • CBSE prescribed report
  • Exam wise report, subject wise report, consolidated report, combined report and reports based on student rankings per class, batch, subject and attendance

The Time-Table module allows you to create clear and error free timetables within minutes ensuring the best utilization and optimization of teachers and employees across your institution.

  • Drag and drop timetable
  • Alerts on subject limits per week while creating timetable
  • Alerts on employee subject limits while creating timetable
  • Conflict warnings if the same teacher assigned with another class for the same period
  • Timetable creation in advance
  • Edit/Delete timetable facility available
  • Timetable tracking
  • Effective employee work allotment
  • View teacher's timetable
  • View complete institution timetable on just one click

Simple and convenient marking of attendance

  • Easy marking of attendance
  • Note/Remarks for attendance can be given
  • Different types of attendance report can be taken
  • Reports can be filtered using the available filters
  • Integrate with hardware devices RFID and Biometric

The Administrative module consists of various modules that help you administer your institution. This includes managing Human resources, school inventory, school transportation, school hostel facility and many more.

Fahnage provides you a wide range of tools to organize and manage your human resources.

  • Manage all employees from admission to exit
  • Customisable admission form
  • Manage entire payroll efficiently
  • Customisable and robust payroll form
  • Automatic Loss of Pay calculation
  • Generate payslips on daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Efficient leave management system available
  • Authenticated payslip approval system
  • One click payslip approval and reject facilities
  • Normal and advanced search facility

Fahnage consists of modules to efficently manage your transport department

  • Add/Edit/Delete the routes for vehicles
  • Add destination and cost details
  • Manage Transport fee
  • Add/Edit/Delete Vehicle details
  • Get Transport Details
  • Transport Fee facility available

Fahnage consists of modules to efficently manage your hostel facilities. From allocation to rooms to fee collection - manage everything under one module.

  • Manage Hostel
  • Add/Edit/Delete/View different types of Hostel
  • Add/Edit/Delete/View different types of Rooms
  • Allocate rooms to the students
  • Create hostel fee collection date
  • Manage hostel fee collections
  • View hostel fee defaulters
  • Pay hostel fee - student wise
  • Change rooms for students

Increase campus collaboration using a wide range of options provided under fahnage's collaboration module.

  • Write and share blogs.
  • Start a discussion
  • Online parent-teacher meetings
  • Create Event Calendar for your institution
  • Create custom forms
  • Create Polls
  • Feed institution news
  • Assign tasks
  • Add event pictures in the gallery.
  • Create/edit/delete news
  • Search for any news using search bar
  • View all news facility also available
  • Add News using rich text format
  • Edit/Delete news
  • Published news has the facility to comment also
  • Delete comment facility also available
  • Attach files to the news article

Fahnage provides you a report center to generate various reports like student details, student fees, examination, expense reports, trasnport etc.

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