Why MIPS-Connect?

New unique project aiming to simplify hostel calling systems!

How do you possibly manage, hundreds of students calling at a time?

A Student-Parent interaction is very important for the growth of any child, especially when the kid is away from the parent. Residential institutions try to enforce methods to allow student-parent interaction in a disciplined way, but often FAIL to do so.

Why do schools fail in Managing student telephony?

“It is impossible to monitor hundred's of calls simeltaneously!”
  • The methods used by schools fail because, one warden has to monitor hundreds of calls.
  • The warden has to keep a check on who is getting to call can who isnt.
  • Many students don't get a chance to call because other kids are busy on the phone.
  • Students use various tricks to bypass security of the traditional systems.

How does MIPS-connect Make life easier?

Automate every aspect with MIPS-Connect

  • Set white-listed numbers
  • Set seperate time for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Set Maximum duration for each call
  • Ensure highest level of security
  • There are a lot more reasons to go with MIPS-connect.

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