About MIPS-Connect

New unique project aiming to simplify hostel calling systems!

Residential schools can be a great place for students to learn and develop a different set of skills if the right environment is given to the kid. Constant communication with parents can help the kid stay motivated and feel at home away from home.

The most common ways are using a coin booth or a common telephone. This process is very hectic as hundreds of students use this facility and these hundreds of calls have to monitored individually.

“Managing and monitoring Hundreds of students calls can be a very hectic and a next to impossbile job for the faculty.”

MIPS-Connect VS traditional systems

MIPS-Connect has a fair advantage over the other traditional systems, here's why :

  • Traditional systems like coin-box require a lot of human intervention - For maintainance, to ensure discipline etc. MIPS-Connect require no manual intervention.
  • Traditional systems have no control over calling - Students can call anyone they wish to. In MIPS-Connect the numbers are white-listed, the students can call only these numbers.
  • More Loss than profit using traditional systems. Using MIPS-Connect the institution can generate a revenue stream and get quick return on investment.
  • Lot of time and efforts are required in maintaining a tradtional system. Minimal maintainance is required using MIPS-Connect
  • There are a lot more reasons to go with MIPS-connect.

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